What Our Happy Customers Have Said About Us

I have been seeing Carrina once a month for the past six years. Every time I leave Carrina, I feel taken care of, at ease, and ready to smell all the flowers on the way home. Thank you Carrina.
— Deva Foster, Teacher
I am one of the long time fans (6 years) of Carrina. Massage is a part of Asian women’s body and maintenance routine. Her therapy includes relaxing aroma, sounds, and touch in a soothing ambiance. I’ve tried all sorts of massage therapists in different countries. I found Carrina to be the best.
— Chizako Arai, Consultant
I can’t put into words what massage has done for my mind, body, and soul. I have been coming to Carrina for almost two years and it is the best gift that I have ever given myself. During my massage I escape, all my stress and tension having been released. Massage is a vital part of my health and well being.
— Charlene Belcher, Business Manager
Carrina is truly gifted! She genuinely cares about her clients well being. I have referred several people to Carrina and they have called me back to thank me because they had the best massage too.
— Christina R., Entrepreneur
Carrina is a very skilled massage therapist who listens to her clients first, and applies the correct massage treatment as a result. I have been seeing Carina once a month for several years, and I always look forward to the appointment.
— Al G., Traveling Consultant
For the last 7 years Carrina have been providing in-office massage to our employees. I want to thank you for the “good feelings” that your services have provided us. The work we do at the firm is often under intense pressure and your service helps us all to unwind. It’s been a great part of our human resource benefit package and we look forward to your being with us for many more years.
— D. Paul Regan, CPA, CFF, President & Chairman Hemming Morse
Carrina has been coming into our office for over 4 years. She is an excellent massage therapist, and sessions with her allow our employees to experience a nurturing “time out”. It is definitely time well spent, and the whole office eagerly looks forward to “Carrina Day”.
— Marshall H., President, DRG Staffing
Before Carrina, I was bouncing from one massage therapist to another. But once I met Carrina I didn’t need to look any further. I’ve been a client of hers for over 5 years and have been seeing her religiously since. She’s worth every penny... I guarantee it.
— Norida B., Office Manager